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$250 Dollar Days Sweepstakes & Classroom Supply Labels

We’ve partnered with DollarDays to bring you these editable classroom supply labels PLUS a chance to win a $250 shopping spree!

Editable Classroom Supply Labels

Most of us can agree that, though we may be cringing a bit to see all those school supplies out in stores already, it also makes us a little giddy! (Some of us might even lose our heads a bit and start buying already!!)  Seriously…what IS it about teachers’ love of brand new school supplies?!  Get us around new markers, sharp crayons, fresh notebooks and all things organizational and we kind of lose our minds a little, right?

Well we are very excited right now about this partnership with DollarDays because they offer such great deals on school and educator supplies.  You can actually save up to 50% on items that you might normally buy at your local retail places!!

Have you heard of DollarDays?  If not, here are some great details you might need or want to know:

  • Their new Back to School section has quick links to everything school related!  It’s really a great place start experiencing DollarDays.
  • Two of their biggest customer groups are educators and nonprofits. Supporting customers is a large part of their company’s culture.
  • You also have the opportunity to give 5% of every order to a nonprofit organization!  Just click here to find out how!!!  You can also nominate a nonprofit to receive a $500 shopping spree on their Facebook page. LOVE it!  Just click here to do that.
  • Teachers can buy just 1 case with as little as 12 to 24 units for most school related-products.
  • Even if you purchase as little as 1 case of their resources you can receive free shipping if you order within 24 hours of registering with DollarDays.
  • And here’s something to really think about…DollarDays recently launched Big Boxes with ultra-low prices and bigger quantities if you want to buy in bulk for your entire school year.  Though students might bring in some of the supplies you will need for your classroom, most of the time those run out fairly quickly.  For things like erasers, pencils, scissors and pens, take a look DollarDays Big Boxes to make sure your supply lasts all year without having to ask for more donations or spending a TON when all the retail stores’ sales have ended.

Now once you have all those wonderful new supplies, you’ll want to organize them, right?  Exciting stuff!! (At least for us! LOL!)  To help with this, we have created super cute EDITABLE classroom supply labels which can be great for helping to organize everything in your classroom.

For the first week, edit the labels to match your supply list, place them on baskets/bins and have students place community supplies in each one as they arrive at school.  (Helpful Hint: If your students are younger and may not be able to read yet, you might want to think about placing one object in each basket before students arrive so they can see what goes in each basket/bin without having to read the words.)

You can then edit a new set of labels to use on all kinds of storage containers and organizers in your classroom for the rest of your school year.  Attach to baskets, bins, pencil cups and more to add a little color and style to your classroom!
 To download your own copy of our editable supply labels, click here: Editable Labels.  **The text of these labels are editable in PowerPoint. The font we used is Janda Happy Day but you can change the font to fit what works with your classroom! (We have a commercial use license for KG Fonts but they are free for personal use.)

NOW…to enter for a chance to win a $250 site credit from Dollar Days you will need to begin by commenting on this post with your FAVORITE organizational idea for new school supplies and how our editable supply labels would work with your organizational idea!  

Follow it up be entering using our Rafflecoptor below!  This sweepstakes will run until July 31st, 2017 so don’t wait!  

For additional entries follow DollarDays on Instagram and/or visit and like their Facebook page!


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